Photography tips for your trip to Namibia

Photography Tips For Your Trip To Africa

While it certainly helps if you have the most advanced equipment, you don’t need the latest, greatest gear to take amazing travel photographs during your trip to Africa. A good quality point-and-shoot or smartphone will do the trick.

Try out our top photography tips on your next holiday and you’ll be surprised at the results you get.

Location is Key

If you want to take great photos, it makes sense to include all of the most scenic spots when planning your trip to any African destination. Then, armed with your master list, you can look online for inspiration and make a note of any specific shots you’d like to try and imitate.

Work with the Light

When you arrive at one of the attractions you want to photograph, take a moment to check out how the light plays on the landscape. Africa is famous for the quality of its light at dusk and dawn. Get up early and linger longer to catch the magical sparkly moments that automatically improve any image. Early risers also get to miss the crowds at many tourist attractions, making it much easier to plan and compose your photographs more professionally.

Don’t shoot into the sun, and be aware of where shadows are before you shoot. You don’t want half of your image fading into the darkness.

A Different Perspective

Try moving your camera to the side for a better angle or stepping back slightly to include more than one thing in your viewfinder. Be patient and take time to compose your shot.

Getting it Together

Use the ‘rule of thirds’ to make sense of your shot. Many cameras have the ability to display a grid of these 9 equal-sized boxes on their screens. Use this function to place the focus of your image near one of the places where these lines join. Align the horizon with one of the horizontal lines according to how much sky you want in the shot. You can download an app with this facility for taking images on your smartphone.

Get up Close

This rule does not apply to photographing wild animals. Most of Africa’s wild animals are averse to humans encroaching too closely on their personal space. Give them the respect they deserve and the distance they desire.

Being physically closer adds drama to your images, especially if you take photographs from the center of the action during a group activity. Try to capture unique moments and detail close up. Zoom in on that pretty bloom. Focus on your family’s faces while they watch the antics of Africa’s amazing wildlife or capture their own antics as they experience the adventure that Africa has to offer.

Fill your shots with interest from corner to corner but be conscious that you don’t chop off body parts while you are at it.


The most important of all the photography tips is to relax and enjoy taking snaps. Go with your instinct, you don’t want to miss an iconic image because you were over planning it.
Our sign off tip – you are here to experience the magic of this amazing continent, don’t waste it all by staring through a lens all day.

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