Hot Air Ballooning in Namibia


Hot air ballooning over the shifting sands of the Sossusvlei is a real treat for those lucky enough to experience it.

These outings provide views and photographic opportunities like no other and a great sense of the vastness of this beautiful place.

What to expect

Most hot air balloon excursions take place at sunrise, which is the most favourable time for these crafts to fly in the hot Namib environment and also provide opportunities to see the desert at its best.

The 4-star Taleni Sossusvlei Lodge offers quick access to the Sossusvlei, and from this privileged location you will be collected from your accommodation in good time to get up in the air at this optimum time of day. Your transport back to the Lodge will be overland in support vehicles to continue with the rest of the day’s adventures.

A highlight of any hot air ballooning trips is a plentiful breakfast. After landing among the dunes of Sossusvlei you will be invited to toast your adventures with a glass of bubbly and a hearty meal prepared right there in the desert.

What to Bring

A camera is essential to record the special moments during your trip and a pair of binoculars is a good idea for those hoping to catch sight of nocturnal animals scurrying to their daytime dens. Dress comfortably and wear a pair of sensible walking shoes, a hat and lots of sunscreen.

Scared of Heights?

Although you may feel a little shaky when you first take off, most agoraphobics report little sensation of vertigo while drifting along. The height of the balloon and feeling of motionlessness tricks your brain into simply accepting the scenes before you with no sense of fear.

Are there age restrictions?

Children who are tall enough (130cm) to see out of the balloon’s basket can come along. There is no upper age limit as long as you are able to stand for the duration of the trip and get in and out of the basket easily. Smaller children can be transported in the support vehicles to meet you at your breakfast destination, so they don’t miss out.


Hot air ballooning in Namibia has an immaculate safety record with qualified pilots to take care of you during your trip.

The weather in Namibia is perfect for hot air ballooning with clear skies most days of the year. If there is any doubt about the weather conditions, your flight will be postponed to a more suitable time.

How to book

For more information or to book your hot air balloon excursion on your trip to Namibia, pop Namibia Travel Guide a message via our contact us page, and we will gladly assist you. 

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