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Cheetah in Africa

Cheetah in Africa

Cheetah are often confused with leopard due to their similar coat pattern but that is where the similarity ends.

They are much smaller than leopard, they cannot climb trees, the spots on their coats are not arranged in rosettes and they have two tear-drop like black stripes on either side of their noses which leopard do not have.

Being the fastest animal on four legs, the cheetah is designed for hunting on the open plains, and one of the best places for spotting them in Africa is Etosha National Park in Namibia.

In Etosha National Park, Cheetah can often be seen near the Leeubron and Gemsbokvlakte waterholes, or on the Charitsaub Plain or east and west of the Halali plains.

Cheetah prefer to hunt in the early morning and late evening. Their prey of choice is springbok but they will also attack red hartebeest and kudu calves.

Many of the signposts in the Charitsab area in Etosha National Park in Namibia bear the black scat marks of the male cheetah’s territorial markings.

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