About Accommodation in Africa

Accommodation in Africa

Tourism is big business in Africa and there is no shortage of accommodation to cater to the tens of millions of people who travel the continent every year. All the cities and towns in Africa close to the top tourist spots, with few exceptions, have some form of accommodation nearby. You’ll find a very wide choice of accommodation in Namibia, South Africa, Egypt, Mozambique, Tanzania, Mauritius, Seychelles and other African countries with a thriving tourist infrastructure. Although accommodation in Africa is as diverse as the activities and attractions you’ll get to experience on this continent, they can be loosely grouped into the following categories:


Hotels are present in most African cities and these may vary from 5-star franchise outlets to small privately-run establishments bearing simply the town’s name. Like elsewhere in the world, hotels are graded according to a star rating system from 5 downwards.

* 5-star establishments provide every convenience including 3 gourmet meals a day in a choice of restaurants, high-quality linens, expansive views of your surroundings, room service, a concierge, recreation facilities and more.

* The lowest star-rating is 1 star which appeals to the budget-conscious traveler and offers little more than basic meals and a room with an en-suite bathroom.

Bear in mind that there are a few establishments that have never applied for gradings, and their lack of celestial ratings in no way reflects the quality of their services and amenities.

The hotel-style options in Africa are not always high-rise buildings. Many of them consist of luxury safari tents (both fixed and mobile), lodges, free-standing suites, chalets, and even tree houses or camping under the stars with fully-catered meals and organized daily activities.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfast establishments in Africa allow guests more leeway when it comes to mealtimes, making them a popular choice among travelers.

Airbnb is a popular way for ordinary folk as well as established guest properties to market their accommodation and you will find many options available on this portal.

Some backpackers’ lodgings fall into this category too, offering dormitory or single-room accommodation and a simple breakfast provided in communal dining rooms.


Self-catering accommodation in Africa gives holidaymakers total freedom when it comes to their daily agendas.

They allow travelers to experience local cuisine three times a day and explore their surroundings in total freedom. There’s no worry about being late for dinner when you return from a day’s activities, you can set out on your adventures at the crack of dawn or enjoy a lie in if you prefer.

This accommodation can take the form of apartments, resorts, safari tents, or free-standing lodges, suites and houses of various sizes.

Camping is a popular activity in Africa and many camp sites offer electricity, private ablutions, sculleries and kitchen areas. At others, you’ll share all the amenities with your fellow campers.

Somewhere in Between

Throughout Africa you’ll find a number of places that give guests the freedom to choose whether to enjoy partial catering, self-catering or full board all in one place. In some African countries, these establishments are called travel lodges – a name which indicates their suitability for both overnight or longer stays.

Other interesting options include houseboats, caves and traditional grass huts.

Safari Accommodation

Most of the major game reserves in Africa offer a range of accommodation to suit every budget, with restaurants, shops and other amenities offered at the rest camps.

There are also luxury fully-inclusive private safari lodges as well as self-catering private camps secluded far from the crowds in many of the national parks.

Others may offer the option to sleep in overnight hides or huts in the middle of the wilderness with little more than a roof over your head provided for your stay.

If you’re venturing out on one of the continent’s famous multi-day hikes, like the Fish River Canyon Trail, the huts are basic, and you’ll have to bring all your own supplies, including water.

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