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Skydiving in Namibia


Namibia’s landscapes are unbelievably unique, appealing to photographers and sightseers alike, no matter which angle you look at them from.

If you’d like to try a new perspective, you could consider throwing yourself earthward over the Namib Desert on a skydiving expedition over Swakopmund.

Skydiving is just one of the activities available in Swakopmund for those who love high drama and adrenalin packed excitement.  

What to expect

There are 3 different types of skydiving offered from adventure centres around Swakopmund. These are:

  • Freefall
  • Static Line
  • Tandem

Unless you are an experienced skydiver, you will most likely get to enjoy this activity during a tandem jump with an accomplished instructor.

All the necessary gear will be provided to you upon arrival at the airfield where you will undergo a crash course on what to expect in the air and on the ground.

After that, it’s all aboard, up, up and away as the plane ascends into the ether to about 12 000ft above ground level. Next, you’ll scoot up in front of your dive buddy while you are strapped in to their specially-designed tandem harness.

Once you’re in position, it’s go-time. You don’t have to do a thing. Your instructor will leap from the plane, taking you with him (or her).

As soon as you gain control of your flailing legs and shattered nerves, make the most of this amazing opportunity. There is no better angle from which to appreciate the true vastness of the magnificent Namib Desert.

The parachute is engaged at a few thousand feet above the ground with a gentle bump. This slows your descent and gives you a few more moments to take it all in before landing safely on terra firma once again.

What to Bring

Wear comfortable, casual clothes that allow for plenty of freedom of movement. Closed shoes are advised. Everything else will be provided. You may want to bring a bottle of champagne along to celebrate your bravery afterwards.

If friends and family will be waiting for you back at the base, they should bring a camera to record your heroic exploits. You can also arrange for the whole thing to be recorded on a go-pro during your dive.

Feeling Nervous?

It’s only natural to feel nervous about jumping out of an aeroplane thousands of feet above the ground. However, most people report no sense of vertigo or overwhelming fear when exiting the aircraft. Without a point of comparison, the human brain can’t register the actual height of the jump and so simply ignores it.

It’s highly likely that the enjoyment derived from skydiving causes participants to erase any initial fear from their memory banks too.

Are there age restrictions?

There is no age limit for skydiving. Children must be big enough to fit safely in the harness and need written permission from their parents to participate. Most operators impose a 100kg limit on participants for safety reasons.

How to book

For more information about Namibia or to book your breath-taking skydiving adventure, get in touch with African Travel Guide via our contact us page, and we will gladly assist you. 

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