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Africa More Than You Think

Slide down massive sand dunes, discover an underwater wonderland of corals and creatures, hike towering massifs, soar over a vast wilderness, and come face to face with the King of Beasts. Africa is an adventurer’s delight, with no end to the excitement in store for those who thrive on adrenalin. If you love infinite panoramas of staggering beauty, top class explorations and amazing living things that exist nowhere else, come on in.
Africa’s vast expanse, pristine shoreline and fascinating people beckon the traveller with a smorgasbord of intrigue and excitement. It is here in Africa that you will find the world’s highest dunes looming above a 50-million-year old desert, see a waterfall so vast the sound of it rolls like thunder over the savannah, discover beasts as wild as they are free, and you’ll be welcomed with smiles as warm, wide and welcoming as the continent itself.
If there’s one thing that will draw you deep into the heart of Africa, it’s the creatures great and small which thrive both on- and off-shore and in the skies above. Uniquely adapted to thrive in a huge array of landscapes, the fauna and flora of Africa are a fascinating and interdependent mix of shapes, sizes and colours. You’ll never tire of admiring them and find so many ways to enjoy their presence during your travels to Africa.

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